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WHO is endorsing

Jen Crownover


Comal County Commissioner, Pct4?

Canyon Lake Professional Fire Fighters Assn Local 4713

Spring Branch Professional Fire Fighters Assn IAFF Local 4935

Hospitality and Vacation Assn

Shad & Robin Anderson

Karen Borell

Jay & Susan Brewer

Brannon & Tracy Brooke

Teresa Metcalf Bush

John & Paula Capello

Jim & Janine Claycomb

Shelley Cobb

Carl & Linda Conger

Ashley & Holly Davison

Pastor Brad & Jan DeHaven

Ginni Dingeldein

Brad Drollinger

Sharlene Ewald

Carol Gagliardi

Julie Garcia

Evy Gillum

Glenn & Marge Gonzalez

Stephanie Gonzalez

Brenna Gray

Clay Hake

Pat Hardin

Thomas B. Harris

Mike & Kirsten Hayes

Jacy Holland

Tom Hotaling

Larry Hull

Kyle & Lauren Ingram

Jessica & Hilton Johnson

Neal & Sandi Koonce

Jaynellen Ladd

Toby Kerr

Comelia Mason

Judy Sisk Millspaugh

Scott Morgan

Robert & Stacy Moss

Erinn Murray

Carrie Myer

Lisa Peters

Theresa Rourke

Nicole & Jemmie Rowe

Crystal Siegman

Nick Sisoian

Sheldon Smith

James Steadman

Dr. Larry Sunn

Tiffany Verette

Pat Waggener

Randall Watts

Shane Wolf

Trish Wyatt

Richard Zapata

Eric Zamora

Darin Zumwalt


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Jen is endorsed by these groups (click for KGNB press release):

CTX Association of Realtors (previously NB-CL Association of Realtors)

Canyon Lake Professional Fire Fighters Assn Local 4713

Spring Branch Professional Fire Fighters Assn IAFF Local 4935

HAVA - Hospitality and Visitors Association (


As a local first responder, we need elected officials with integrity such as Jen. Leadership that understands the foundational and growing needs of our community is paramount!


~Mike & Kirstin Hayes


It is our honest opinion; Jen Crownover truly understands the working relationships and partnerships within our community.  She also is truly understanding of the youth within our community, and what it takes to work with them to help make them well rounded citizens and individuals that will certainly benefit our Community, State and Nation now and in the future.  Likewise, Jen Crownover will undoubtedly make an excellent County Commissioner leading and working with our communities, townships and citizens.  What sets her apart is her focus on making realistic goals and not stopping until they are accomplished.  Making a difference, the positive way, is what Canyon Lake resident Jen Crownover is all about.   Educated, energetic and enthusiastic, Mrs. Crownover brings change the way the system was intended to implement - with design, planning and cooperation with other county leaders.  Through it all, Jen Crownover has thrived and remained aware, chomping at the bit to work with county commissioners on continuing to make this a community of choice. A vote for Jen Crownover is a vote for Pct. 4.  See the facts, as does she, and vote for a positive and energetic change!  We ask you to really consider who you vote for during this upcoming election, it is an important decision for you to make, one that will benefit you and your community.  Canyon Lake Professional Firefighters Association supports Mrs. Jen Crownover as the next Comal County Commissioner Pct. 4.  


~Canyon Lake Professional
Firefighters Association L4713


Jen is a proven and effective community builder and a true leader in our community. She has inspired others to step up and serve, and has also been able to break down barriers in our community to improve the overall community approach and benefit. Her impact has been positive, principled and selfless, and she has certainly been able to bring out the best in people across the board.  She lives out here, her kids and family are all active and productive members of our community and schools, and she truly understands and appreciates the needs of our community across the board. I can't wait to see how much more of a positive, well-rounded impact she can have on our community when she is our Commissioner. 


~Tiffany Verette


I have known Jen Crownover for quite a few years. She is a wonderful wife, mother, and friend. Jen is smart and hard-working, and has proven this through her volunteer activities, as well as in her own business. She has proven that she wants to serve us as a Comal County Commissioner by preparing in every possible way for the past few years. Jen has strong conservative fiscal values, and will represent the citizens of our county in a sincere, dedicated, intelligent, ethical and common sense manner.


~Pat Waggener


Paula and I have known Jen and Mike for the last 7 years. We were first introduced to them when they brought their boys by selling popcorn for Scouts and have been great neighbors ever since, always supportive and caring. Jen and Mike are some of the most patriotic folks I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Mike is a Major in the Army Reserve, who has served overseas in Kosovo, Colombia, Guatemala and Belize, and has served a short tour as a physician at Brook Army Medical Center at Ft Sam Houston. Jen had the toughest job of all as an Army Reserve Wife. During her husband's multiple deployments she still had two young boys to raise, maintain a household, and run a business. She still remained actively involved with their sons in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and the Canyon Lake Youth Football League which she served in leadership roles, including a year as President, for the past 5 years. But that's never been an issue for Jen, she is probably the busiest woman I know. She's also involved with The Hidden Valley Sports Park's Organizations, heavily involved in The Groundwater Conservation Stakeholders Group and even attended the Citizen Fire Academy, Citizen Sheriff Academy and the County Government University and I know for a fact she is still involved in all three of those organizations as well. She has also been eyes, ears, and sometimes even a voice for the citizens of Precinct 4 at almost every County Commissioners Court meeting for nearly 3 years. I know she does what's right because it's the right thing to do and if it needs to be done, she gets it done! That's just who she is. I'm proud to call Jen and Mike friends and I'm just as proud to endorse Jen for County Commissioner for Precinct 4. I know she will do a tremendous job for us.


~John K. Capello
Colonel, US Army (Ret)


Several years ago, a Needs Assessment was prepared for Comal County. One of the top needs noted in the County was a number of issues regarding our youth. Our youth are growing up into our young adult class here in Canyon Lake. What kind of young adults and young families would you like to see? Jen Crownover for Comal County Commissioner, Pct4, has not only been preparing for this office for several years, but I do believe that she is the best choice for the job. Her experiences and community involvement puts her in the lives of so many of our youth. Jen and her husband, along with the kids are such role models to many of them. I have had the honor of serving on a committee with Jen and I must say, her work on the committee was astonishing. Her attention to details and her willingness to serve taught me about the kind of person she is. Thank you Jen for running, my prayers are with you.


~Darin Zumwalt


I have not known Jen very long, but I find her honesty and her zealousness towards public service and to the citizens of New Braunfels refreshing and encouraging. I fully endorse Jen Crownover for Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 4.


~Eric Zamora


Jen took over our website approximately 5 years ago. It started as somewhat of a competition with our existing company to see if we were getting all that we paid for. She was recommended to us through another person. Jen far exceeded our expectations and made it very easy to decide whom to trust our website with. Since having her as our Webmaster she has been very responsive to our needs. This flexibility and dedication I feel has become somewhat lost in many sectors of our lives. As a small business owner attention to detail and customer satisfaction are important to compete in today’s economy. With these qualities we have seen from her we proudly endorse her for County Commissioner for Comal County and wish her well.


~Mark Smith


Jen is a well-qualified, astute, and caring candidate.
When weighing candidates' qualifications, track record, over-all personal competencies and dedication to the common good, as well as candidates' ability to make rational, unbiased decisions that are in the best interests of County constituents, she's tops.


~Dr. Larry Sunn


Jen is bright and personable with a keen interest in conservation of our natural resources.


~Sharlene Ewald


As a concerned citizen for our community I believe we have an obligation to help select the candidate with the qualifications best suited for the job - the person who will best serve our community.


I endorse Jen Crownover as a person of integrity, she brings leadership from a citizen point of view like you and me.


Jen is committed to treat people with respect by being open and honest, she had a keen eye on growth and good stewardship. She is a team player for the benefit of the county and all its residents. She is truthful, even about the little things. Jen stands out as a hard working individual who plans to serve and protect us. Jen does not play the game of politics and focuses on the true problems that need to be addressed.


Not only is Jen up for the challenge but she is energetic and ready to make some changes for the benefit of our community.


Her energy is resonating with the working families in Comal County.


I truly believe Jen is the right person to keep us in responsible hands.


Jen's has a support group growing by leaps and bounds. We are seeing the younger and older generations support in every corner of our precinct. It's clear that her candidacy has the community excited about the opportunity to have a Commissioner who is willing to serve us!


Jen is not running for office to glorify herself but to make a difference and serve us and you can honestly hear that in her voice.


If you have any doubts, meet Jen, hear her out. Dont just vote because of other candidates' endorsements.


Jen Crownover is a proven leader with strong conservative values in our community. She is hard working farm girl and truly cares about our community just like you and me.


The real deal, folks... The right person for the right reasons!

This change is long overdue.


~Jaynellen Ladd


Jen has been such a wonderful advocate for our area parks and our youth. To have her on Commissioners Court will be great for the communities and citizens of Comal County.


~Erinn Murray


I have had the opportunity over the past several years to work with Jen Crownover in a number of endeavors for "non-profit" organizations we've both been fortunate to be a part of.  Throughout that time, we've served on a couple of committees devoting their time to continued improvement of the county parks system, primarily Hidden Valley Sports Park and a new community pavilion with CRRC.  Her involvement with the parks programs extends beyond that to include other programs with a clear and dedicated focus on youth programs and community building.  As a result of having worked with her, I'm confident she will bring that same energy, enthusiasm  and work ethic to Commissioners Court.


~Jay Brewer


Support Jen Crownover! She is young and enthusiastic. She's not scared to get her hands dirty. She's always there to lend a hand in any situation. This I can personally attest to. She knows Canyon Lake and it's people. This woman has dedicated her life to learning this role for the past three years. Jen Crownover is real. She is not fake, she doesn't pretend to be someone she's not. She is a STRONG, SENSIBLE, DEDICATED woman.


~Charles & Leanne Nelson
(Leanne "DogLady")


This election is not about whose turn it is to be Commissioner; it is about what is right for Comal County. I have been around both candidates for this position, and worked closely with both. Enough of the "good ole' boys" club! Jen is a hard worker with a proven work ethic. Her character, integrity, and a principled approach is the right choice and best for our community and our county. She is a true servant leader and is not about self interest. Please do your research and consider her when you cast your vote for this very important local election.


~Julie Garcia


"Energetic!" A person with vision for the future.


~Trish Wyatt


I am very excited and enthusiastic in my endorsement of Jen Crownover for Comal County Commissioner, Pct. 4.


I have had the privilege to have worked with Jen Crownover in both personal and professional capacities over the past 4 years. Her steadfast involvement in community activities in and around the county that I have witnessed, have always been of the highest values and standards. Having worked with and around her as a volunteer in various youth organizations in Comal (Cub Scouts, Youth Football and Baseball), I can attest to the fact that she is a tireless and selfless volunteer and a natural leader. Best of all, she seems to have a unique ability to bring out and foster the best in others that she works with.


Without reservation, I will support Jen in her bid for Comal County Commissioner, and I encourage others to do so as well. Truly dedicated grass roots leaders like Jen Crownover are what Comal County and this country are in desperate need of.


~Sheldon Smith


Since moving to Canyon Lake, Jen has proven herself to be a tireless advocate for our community. She has not only held numerous volunteer board positions, but has used those positions to affect change and make things happen. She is not a talker - she is a doer. As our County Commissioner, she will continue to serve both the people and the resources of Comal County.


~Janine Claycomb


Everything Canyon Lake Kids is a community informational web-site for Parents in the Canyon Lake community where Jen Crownover has been a strong and vital advocate for so many different local organizations. Everything Canyon Lake Kids endorses Jen Crownover for County Commissioner, Precinct #4 because she will work tirelessly to ensure that county policies will foster economic development that is both fiscally and environmentally responsible while still growing the community. Mrs. Crownover understands that the residents of Comal County are its greatest assets and will never stop working to ensure that public policy supports both families and the community and that there are strong volunteer services available. As a parent, Jen understands the need for strong emergency services and law enforcement to protect our children. 

As a resident of Precinct #4, I met Jen Crownover through the local Boy Scouts organization where she always volunteered her time and resources to helping promote local scout community service programs.  Later, through the youth football league organization, I was able to see her leadership skills in action.  Jen Crownover was able to polarize this small community and helped to make the youth league into a first class league and she accomplished this always with a smile on her face and a friendly disposition; a task that is not easily accomplished when dealing with parents, coaches, associations, sponsors, and more. 

I was/am one of those not so easy to deal with parents due to being a single working mother with 3 very active children in the community; my situation often makes it hard for me to juggle all the different schedules and requirements of the area youth/school organizations that my children are involved.  My experiences with Jen Crownover have always been positive ones; she always takes the time to listen and to help find a solution and because of that I feel compelled to endorse this candidate personally in addition to my business endorsement.

Jen Crownover is THE best candidate for Precinct #4.


~Lisa Peters


We met Jen when we moved in across the street from her family in 2009. Since that time, we have become impressed with her intelligence, her capacity for work, her enthusiasm and, especially, her knowledge and love of the county and its residents. We feel so strongly that she is the right person for Commissioner of Precinct 4 that we have committed to do something we’ve rarely done in our lives – vote in a Republican primary!


~Carl & Linda Conger


I have known Jen Crownover for some time now. I first got to know her through the local Cub Scout program. I watched the Cub Scout program grow and get stronger year after year, with Jen Crownover as a leader on the committee. I also got to watch the Canyon Lake Youth Football program grow year after year, with Jen Crownover on the board. After joining the youth football board myself, I saw first hand all the hard work and dedication Jen has for the community.


Jen Crownover is always there for others, encouraging and inspiring others by demonstrating how to be a true citizen of this community.


I am honored to call her a friend and we all should feel privileged that she's a citizen of Comal county.


~Robert & Stacy Moss


We have known Jen Crownover for the last five years, mainly through her activities with the Canyon Lake Cub Scouts Pack 380, and then most recently with Canyon Lake Boy Scout Troop 222.  Her diligence and faithfulness to the service of these two service organizations have helped me to determine that not only is she dedicated to serving her community, but also her willingness to go the extra mile in making sure it is done right.  Her tireless efforts in working with the youth sports leagues as well as her dedication to serving the Local Firefighters are a testimony to her commitment to the people of her precinct.  She is a dedicated, hard-working, delightful person, who wants only the best for the community.  We heartily endorse her candidacy for County Commissioner, Precinct 4.


~Brad & Jan DeHaven


Jen has spent the last three years preparing to run for County Commissioner in Precinct #4 by attending meetings, and learning first-hand the function of the Commissioners Court and the duties of the Commissioners. Jen has spent the time and effort necessary to understand what the job of a Commissioner really requires. She is running for this open Commissioner’s job because she sincerely wants the job, and not because someone talked her to running. She has the full support of her family in this endeavor.

Jen’s opponents in this election jumped into the race at the last minute and did so at the urging of friends and have not had spent the past 3 years learning about the job and the issues taking place in the Court. Jen’s three years of dedicated participation, study, and interest in the job of Commissioner gives her an advantage over her opponents who will be starting at square one. 

Jen is an outgoing, energetic, and honest person who will make an outstanding Commissioner in Precinct #4 for years to come. Her outgoing personality lends itself to working with people in a position such as this.


~Neal Koonce


I am a supporter of Jen Crownover for County Commissioner Precinct 4 because she cares about Comal County and Texas. She will be an energetic and accessible advocate for our interests.


~Judy Sisk Millspaugh


tire·less | adjective
1.having or showing great effort or energy.


"a tireless community servant"

synonyms: indefatigable, energetic, vigorous, industrious, hard-working, determined, enthusiastic, keen, zealous, spirited, dynamic, dogged, tenacious, persevering, untiring, unremitting, unflagging, indomitable...


I happen to know this word fits Jen's efforts to the community. Take a look at Jen's page and see what she is doing for betterment of us all.


~Clay Hake


Jen Crownover is a good, strong Christian whose heart and mind are focused on God. She believes in our Constitution, 10 Commandments, and Bill of Rights, and would stand up for them whole heartily. Her patriotism and commitment to Country, State, and Community also comforts me. I know Jen will always do what's best for the people. She also has a wonderful, strong Christian supporting family, who also has a heart and mind focused on God.

When people like this come along we have to support them. It's the only way we can ensure that the model our forefathers laid out will be protected and enforced.


~Teresa Metcalf-Bush


I first met Jen Crownover when she asked me to volunteer for the Canyon Lake Hawks Youth Football program three years ago. Once you meet her, you will understand why I didn't say no, and why I have been a more active citizen in our community ever since. Her desire to better the community is contagious.


Since then, I have had the honor of serving with her on the board of the CLHYF program going on two years now, and her dedication to the community never ceases to amaze me. Our youth footall league has grown and improved so much in such a short time, and this is in large part due to Jen's hard work and dedication to her community. She has helped me to understand the work and planning that goes into serving the community and she understands what is important to the peopl in our area. She is always seeking out the wants and needs of the people that surround her.


Jen is the type of person people admire because of her selfless duties. She is involved in so many organizations in our community, that I often wonder how she has time for it all. But, she does. She thrives on helping people, and it shows. She is a dedicated and hard working mother and wife, who always does things with a happy heart...and it always shows on her face. We need more leaders like that. I am proud to have her as a friend and we should all be so eager to have her as our County Commissioner for Precinct #4.


Jen Crownover is the best person to have representing our diverse community, ad I look forward to casting my vote for her in 2014.


~Jacy Holland


Jen: very efficient, friendly, kind, honest, helpful, dedicated, and devoted to all of her community. She is a friend that EVERYONE can count on!


~Crystal & Jeff Siegman


I have known Jen for several years and volunteered along beside her. Jen is the volunteer who gets there early and stays late until the job gets done. I know that Jen Crownover will look out for the best of Comal County and represent our precinct very well. She's the kind of person who has a strong American spirit as well as a strong sense of community!


~Pat Hardin


Voters in Comal County, precinct 4 have a great choice this election with Jen Crownover. I have come to have a great amount of respect for Jen's common sense conservative values. She is a breath of fresh air in local politics who respects traditions without being beholden to outdated ways or encumbered by the establishment candidate mill. My friends, vote for Jen Crownover.


~Richard Zapata


Jen Crownover is a great commmunity advocate. She is a good friend and a positive role model.


~Kelli Brooks


Our family met Jennifer during football a few years ago when the kids were smaller. We enjoy Jennifer's approach to life and teaching our children. Her leadership is strong and I have no doubt that her service to our community will be just as rewarding. I look forward to seeing you in office my dear. Here is to a great 2014. You have our support!


~Shelley Cobb


It is always good to see a candidate who is not afraid of a debate, a town hall meeting, hard work, or a pointed journalistic question. You have shown an exemplary standing in all these areas leading me to believe my support is best placed with you. I serve as Treasurer for Comal County Emergency Service District 5 and President of the Bulverde Lions Club. I am also principal partner for Falcon Insurance Services Inc., a partner and owner of Fishing Rod Caddy, and a business on the River Walk called Spirit of San Antonio. Because of the moral integrity I see in you, I want to let you know you can count on my support. Please let me know how I can be of service to you.


~Tom Hotaling


As a small business owner, I have just recently met with Jen Crownover. I am very impressed with her unlimited desire to see Precinct 4 and Comal County revitalized.

Jen is a very nice woman, speaks her mind on political issues that are currently not working and is a tireless advocate of good schools, welfare of children, parks and recreation, water oriented problems and has a love of her friends and neighbors in Precinct 4 and beyond.

She is a tireless volunteer in community projects and has self-educated herself in community matters by attending Commissioners Court weekly for almost 3 years. She talks to anyone who will listen by knocking on doors, attending functions of importance in the community that benefits the community and is a wonderful wife, mother and good, Christian woman.

Precinct 4 will be better represented by her enthusiasm, courage and abilities.

Vote Crownover for Precinct 4.


~ James C. Steadman


I have known Jen Crownover only a short time, however, I feel she is the right person, at the right time at the right place, to seek election to Precinct 4 as County Commissioner.

I met with Jen a few days ago to see just how she feels about certain things that affect the Precinct's well being. She is first of all sincere, and she looks into your eyes when she talks. She is plain spoken, to the point and expresses herself well. She not only has a deep knowledge of current events and the political happenings in Comal County and Precinct 4, but her ideas and hopes for the Precinct and County are of utmost importance to her.

She has been a weekly attendee at Commissioner's Court for almost 3 years and knows how the system works.

Her concern for the environment, County parks, schools, children and the need for change as she sees it, in areas of importance, especially water conservation-related problems, which is of prime concern to her.

I have found her to be a tireless wife, mother, volunteer and a good, Christian woman. She thinks it will be a privilege to serve the constituents of Precinct 4, not a career. 

Here's to the woman that knocks on doors, meets anyone that is interested in her efforts and is a dedicated, well-liked citizen of Comal County.

I urge all Precinct 4 voters to VoteCrownover.


~Thomas B. Harris


Jen started preparing to run for County Commissioner 3 years ago by attending the County Commissioner Court. She has made it her mission to understand what is going on, and has prepared for this job a very long time. Others just threw their hat in the ring very recently, and in my opinion not for the right reasons. Keep that in mind when you vote.


~Sandi Koonce


I first met Jen 3 years ago when my son signed up to join Cub Scout Pack 380 and Canyon Lake Hawks Football, she was always very friendly, approachable, enthusiastic, and ready to help wherever needed. More importantly, she has a gift of bringing out the best in others, in nurturing the best gifts that we have to give to others-our time and abilities. She has our youth’s best interests in mind, and is always about making the best choices for all kids involved. Jen embodies what I would want a leader to be, the type of person I would trust to make longstanding decisions that will affect the quality of life for my family and this community. I look forward to seeing the positive impact that I have no doubt she will make in the upcoming years.


~Lesley Vinka


My name is Comelia Mason and I would like for everyone to know what a wonderful person Jen Crownover is. I met her 3 years ago when my son decided to play football, she is always willing to help with a smile . She is one of the most awesome ladies you will ever know . My opinion is she the best person for the job.


~Comelia Mason


I have had the privilege of working with Jen through the Canyon Lake Youth sports programs (soccer and football). She is a joy to be around and truly has the youth of Canyon Lake at heart. Jen is wonderful at bringing together those of different opinions and finding an opportunity for both to work together for the same purpose. Thank you Jen for being a part of our small town and wonderful community. I look forward to seeing all that you will promote and achieve for our Precinct.


~Lynne Bennett Fults


I've served with Jen Crownover on our neighborhood HOA board for over a year now, but have known her for several years. I have always known Jen to very involved with our community, but serving under her on our board, I've also had the pleasure to see her enthusiasm, organization and excellence in her overall work ethic. Jen Crownover is the ultimate "go getter", and you better believe, when she puts her mind to something, it's going to get done with passion and conviction. Jen truly inspires me to be more active and involved in my community, as she has led by example and has been an integral part of this community as long as I've known her. Simply put, we couldn't have a better person in office as our next Comal County Commissioner over Pct. 4.


~John Tuckness



Would you like to endorse Jen? Please email us. We appreciate your support!