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What's a Commissioner?


Commissioners Court is basically a governing board for the county.


This is defined by state legislation. There are 4 commissioners (1 for each precinct) and a county judge elected (at large) for every county in Texas, no matter what the population of the county is. The precincts are divided evenly in every county based on population. They are elected to 4 year terms, and the precincts are staggered between presidential year elections and gubernatorial elections (aka midterm, or governor elections).


In Comal County, precincts 1 & 3 are elected on presidential years, and precincts 2, 4, and the County Judge are elected on governor years.


County Government Diagram


"The commissioners court also has the responsibility to adopt the budget and tax rate that is sufficient to fund the personnel, equipment and infrastructure necessary to deliver the services provided by the county. Typically, the commissioners court is responsible for conducting business on behalf of the county, and only the commissioners court can enter into contracts on behalf of the county."


The commissioners court does much more than maintain roads and adopt a budget and a tax rate. County government’s operations are tailored to meet the needs and resources of the community, so the programs overseen by the commissioners court may vary from county to county.


In Comal County, the commissioners court also establishes precinct boundaries for commissioners and justices of the peace, determines the number and type of county employees and their compensation, acquires property for rights of way or other public uses, adopts and enforces subdivision regulations, appoints the boards who govern the rural emergency service districts (fire & EMS), as well as other boards (County Appraisal District, WORD, etc) and supervises and controls the county courthouse and other county buildings and facilities.
(Source: Texas Association of Counties)



Comal County Commissioners Court meets every week at the Comal County Courthouse. The meetings are held at 8:30 every Thursday morning.


I have attended almost every week for over 2 1/2 years. Curious? Come check it out for yourself. I'll save you a seat.



Source: Texas Association of Counties

For more information, please check out their website.


Comal County Strategic Plan, Adopted in October 2012